During FALL 2013, while I worked and went to school at U of SC. I was approached by our radio station to redesign their wall bulletin. They wanted something cool but could work well with information for new DJs, events, articles, and bands. I had complete creative license to make whatever ever I thought up. The only hints I received was "give it 90s stuff". The concept became a giant robot piloted by Mr. T and surrounded by multicolored Reptars.
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, these are Reptars!!
In the distance is a radio tower. WUSC 90.k is the University of South Carolina's radio station in Columbia.
I pity the fool who don't love giant robots and dinosaurs!
WUSC is tatted on the arm! Whoop whoop!
The poster in its' entirety with words and content, ready for printing and mounting.
Printed in 4 pcs & mounted!
This poster will be loved!
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