Below are the deliverables that I designed for the event's promotion. I was given the theme and text content, creative license was used for the overall layout. With a requested quick turnaround, my design solution was to use profiles and titles of historical women from the modern science and energy fields. My direction for the promotional material was create three different designs for the TV monitors' rotation to represent each internal event.
Deliverables included: (1) three LCD images for TV monitors throughout the building, (2) a Poster design which doubled as a program book cover, (3) and Table Tents for promotion in non-office spaces.
(above) Mock-up of 1 of 3 designs for TV monitors.
(above) Mock-up of 2 of 3 designs for TV monitors.
(above) Mock-up of 3 of 3 designs for TV monitors.
(above) Mock-up of poster design which was placed in various internal locations.
Poster output was by an Epson plotter onto gloss paper and mounted onto black board.
Design adapted to these sizes: 20 x 30, 18 x 24 and 8.5 x 11.
(above) Double-sided table tent for promotion within internal non-office spaces.
Background photo taken in one of the spaces

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