Below are the deliverables that I designed for the event's promotion. I was given a color scheme and a tentacle-like image, creative license was used for the overall layout. With a requested quick turnaround, my design solution with the time to research the occasion was to highlight the culture with patterns and motifs instead of cherry-picking or misrepresenting cultural groups with human subjects.
Deliverables included: (1) an LCD image for TV monitors throughout the building, (2) a Poster design which doubled as a program book cover, (3) and Table Tents for promotion in non-office spaces.
(above) Mock-up of the design for TV monitors throughout the DOE DC buildings.
(above) Mock-up of poster design which was placed in various internal locations. 
Poster output was by an Epson plotter onto gloss paper and mounted onto black board.
Design adapted to these sizes: 20 x 30, 18 x 24 and 8.5 x 11.
(above) Double-sided table tent for promotion within internal non-office spaces.
Background photo taken in one of the spaces. 

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